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Air Conditioning Cleaning

Air conditioning is in many ways beneficial to your health, especially in heavily populated cities like London. Researchers have found that central air conditioning causes fewer outdoor pollution particles to enter the home than an open window, thus lowering the health risks of air pollution. However as time passes the Air conditioning evaporator can attract microbial contaminants, which can cause people to start to feel unwell and also leave a horrible smell after running the A/C system, neither of which is very pleasant. 

That is why at City and County we can provide an end to end service in your single A/C system or multiple A/C systems across sites to minimise microbiological contamination and to leave the room smelling fresh and clean after every use of your A/C system.

We use precise industry-leading methods to clean and disinfect through the evaporator coils and the filters and carry out in-depth electrical tests to, we also clean the fan blades without removing the unit off the wall to save time and money.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch today for a free no-obligation quotation, we will take great pleasure in attending your site and carrying out a free inspection prior to any servicing too.


For any enquiries, please call 01869 360401 or send us an email through the form below.

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